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Custom Scriping and Automation for Adobe Illustrator


Customised Automation of Repetitive Tasks

If you use Illustrator everyday to setup files for printing you will probably have a number of repetitive tasks which you need to perform to prepare the files for printing that are specific to your workflow. You may have tried to use actions to help with this process only to find that they are of limited use.

You need a tool to which can intelligently automate your jobs.

PowerScripts is a tool for automating tasks in illustrator, with powerScripts you can intelligently process files in illustrator quickly and effectively, eliminating the need to perform those time wasting and error prone repetitive tasks manually.

PowerScripts can perform complex series of tasks that go well beyond what you can do with simple actions.

As an example we have created a PowerScript for a large printing business to process displays banners for printing. Their customized PowerScript will::

  • Open single or a multipage PDF files page by page
  • Determine the size of the artwork and rescale it to the required output size
  • If the file has no bleed, create it by cropping sections from the edge of the artwork and mirroring them to create the required bleed
  • Apply a template to the file
  • Add annotations
  • Add a key-line around the print
  • Add a cutting path for an automated zund cutter
  • Create a delivery label with a small preview of the final job and export it to a hot-folder to print
  • Create an A4 specification sheet with a visual, job specification information such as final cut size for the press operators to check the final print
  • Export a final print-ready PDF file to a hot-folder, adding in the scale and PDF settings to the filename so the operator knows the file has been exported correctly
  • Save a copy of the A4 Visual and Final PDF file to the clients archive for future reprints

All these steps can be applied to individual files or batch processed on multiple files. Now you know why we call these powerScripts

I can create custom made powerScripts tailored to your specific business needs, Just imagine what powerScripts can do for your business, eliminate mistakes, speed up processing and ensure consistent set-up of files.

If you think powerScript can help, then get in touch to find out more.

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