Automation for Adobe Illustrator


Powerful scripts to enhance workfow and tools to speed up repetitive processes.

Created for a purpose

PowerScripts was born from a need to remove the manual processing of files for printing, While Illustrator have a rich set of tools , we often found ourselves performing the same manual steps for each file we worked on, this was a boring manual process, prone to errors and mistakes.

What started as a few basic scripts in-house to make our jobs easier, has evolved into PowerScripts, a comprehensive set of tools created by designers for designers.

Scripting on Steroids

PowerScripts builds on Illustrators internal scripting tools, Under the hood powerScripts provides an enhanced set of programmable tools used to modify your artwork, and makes the process of creating scripts quick and easy. Combined with an easy to setup user interface its scripting on steroids.

Simple UI

PowerScripts is a native dockable panel in Illustrator so it's always there when you need it. A toolbar show your most used scripts, which means they are only a click away, plus you can save your settings as defaults so it's always setup ready to go.

Be more productive

PowerScripts eliminates dull repetitive tasks which when done manually fell like a waste time and are prone to errors, using PowerScripts makes you faster, more efficient and allows you to focus on more productive tasks.

Custom Automation for your workflow

Use the full power of PowerScripts by creating your own custom scripts specifically designed for your workflow. Turn what was a slow manual 10-step error prone process into a single click of a button. We also provide a custom script service, so find out more about creating a custom script for your business.


  • Native Dockable Panel built into Illustrator so its always ready to use.
  • Save your settings as defaults.
  • Quicklinks to most popular scripts.
  • Speed up repetitive tasks.
  • Practical Tools for Designers.
  • Production Level PowerScripts for pre-press Professionals.(Printer Version)
  • Hot-folders and Batch Processing of Files (Printer Version)
  • Use and Create your own Custom Scripts (Workflow Version)