Imposition Plus works by taking your current document and converting your selected artwork or Artboards into multi-page impositions including gang-up and duplex options.


  • Multi-page Imposition
  • Select from common sheet sizes or enter a custom sheet size in Landscape or Portrait
  • Specify the unprintable border for the sheet
  • Select current Artboards or Selection as your source artwork
  • Manually specify the final trim size or use the size of the source artwork
  • Specify the bleed to be used
  • Set horizontal and vertical cutters
  • 4 different layout modes
    • Gangup - Repeat
    • Gangup - Unique
    • Gangup- Unique Collate Cut
    • Booklet for Saddle Stitched books (NEW)
  • Alternate rows for 'Head to Head' or 'Foot to Foot' imposition
  • 3 Different duplex modes
    • None
    • Left / Right
    • Top / Bottom
  • Duplex Back Options
    • Unique Pages - Traditional duplexing so the back is the next page
    • Duplicate the front page - For quick and easy double-sided prints with the same print on both sides
  • 4 Different ordering modes
    • Left to right then top to bottom
    • Right to left then top to bottom
    • Tom to bottom, then left to right
    • Top to bottom, then right to left
  • Manually set the number of rows and columns or automatically fill in the sheet
  • Add Crop Marks
  • Add Sheet Labels
  • Numbering - find and replace text with number values, start, step and min digits, perfect for vouchers and tickers which need individual numbering 
  • LIVE LAYOUT PREVIEW: See the imposition layout in a live preview window.
  • Save your settings as presets for quick retrieval of your layout

* This product is a digital download.

System Requirements
• Windows PC or Mac
• Adobe Illustrator 2022 or later
• Internet Connection required to activate

Imposition-PLUS Advanced multi-page Imposition for Adobe Illustrator

  • Brand: O2 Creative
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