This PowerScript is ideal for production environments where you need to split an artboard into multiple sections. By tiling artboards in Illustrator the designer has more control over the process then replying on in-rip tiling solutions.

The organize features are designed for renaming and cleaning up the artboard names, ideal if you use the Export for Screens feature, remove or replace spaces, change chase or even rename the artboard based on the linked file placed on that artboard.

If you are exporting PDF files or proofs the Reorder option is ideal for quickly getting your pages in logical order.

Tile and Splitting Artboards

  • Split Artboards with overlap
    • Tile based on guidelines - just place the guidelines on the artboard at the split position
    • Tile based on a Grid, such as 2 x 3
    • Tile based on a fixed size, such as a fixed sheet size, choose the start position such as top left corner.
  • For Fixed and Grid tiling create guidelines to preview the positons, or for finer control after creating the guides, move then and switch to guideline based tiles
  • Set the overlap distance. Each artboard will be extended by half of the overlap distance.
  • Remove the original artboard
  • Explode the artboard (with the contents copied and placed into clipping marks) so they can be easily moved around

Organize Artboards

  • Reorder the Artboards in the artboard panel based on:
    • Left to Right
    • Right to Left
    • Grid (Based on Horizontal)
    • Grid (Based on Vertical)
    • Alphabetically
    • Smallest Area to Largest Area
    • Width
    • Height
  • Rename the Artboards
    • Remove spaces at the beginning and end of the spaces
    • Replace spaces with _ or other characters
    • Change Case to lower, upper or sentence case
    • Use the Linked filename - If you have a linked image on an artboard the artboard will use the image name
  • Resize the Artboards
    • Set all artboards to a fixed width
    • Set all Artboards to a fixed height
    • Expand The Artboards (Easily add extra bleed to the artboard)
    • Remove Blank Artboards


  • Split Artboards with overlap

Artboard Tile and Organize PowerScript Plugin for Adobe Illustrator (NEW)

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