Please note this is Beta software and is currently being finalized

"This new powerscript Asset Library is brilliant.- This is how Adobe should of done it". ~ Darren

Adobe Illustrator comes with a standard Library which stores your files online. While this is useful there are some issues:

  • Assets don't import as fully editable artwork, they are often grouped and clipped and require manually breaking them apart, Much like a placed PDF file. So its hard to use these assets
  • No control of how the files are placed, you can't specify a fixed location or layer
  • You have to trust the cloud and use cloud storage. What if the internet is down?
  • Hard to leverage your existing assets already setup on shared folders

Benefits of PosterScripts Asset Library

  • Uses your existing file-based assets
  • Choose how the artwork is imported, placed, embedded, copied, or opened.
  • Ai Artwork retains layers and is fully editable, no ungrouping or unclipping
  • Range of advanced placement and positioning options 
  • Choose folders to list, include subfolders or choose multiple different folders
  • Quickly open commonly used files
  • Allows for a modular workflow, Have an approval template you can easily load into the back layer, then position notes, signoffs, warnings, color lists in fixed positions.


  • Choose to store previews in a local cache or in subfolders (ideal for shared network drives)
  • Choose to store settings on your computer or in subfolders, so settings can be for individuals or the whole team saving everyone for having to setup individual files 
  • Quick Search
  • Save selected artwork as a new asset
  • Individual Folder Settings
    • Change the display Name
    • Choose files types for just that folder
    • Set the default import options for all files in the folder
  • Individual Files Settings
    • Create previews,
    • Open the folder or the file
    • Hide individual files
    • Change the display name
    • Choose how to import the file
      • Always Ask
      • Place
      • Embed
      • Open
      • Copy - For Ai Files copy and pastes the contents to your active document preserving full editing
    • Copy Source(for Ai Files)
      • Active artboard only
      • Entire Document
      • Named Layers - Allows you to only copy over layers with matching names, perfect for copying templates without the generic header/footer
    • Choose the destination Layer
      • Current Layer
      • Top Layer
      • Bottom Layer
      • Named Layer - Will place on a particular layer or create it if it does not exist, perfect for keeping templates on one layer
      • Preserve Layers  (Ai Files only)
    • Specify the positron
      • Preserve the source position
      • Center on artboard
      • Set position, Align to the artboard and move Dx, Dy. Perfect for approval forms adding in key elements at fixed positions
    • Notes

Future Planned Features (no ETA)

  • Export settings to share with the team
  • Different views, Small preview, Large preview, Lists
  • Choose custom previews
  • Change and replace text on import, for example change {{date}} to todays date automatically
  • Size options
  • Additional Layer Options
  • Color Library
  • Automatically create all previews
  • Cache Manager to clean up the cache

A better Asset Library PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator (BETA)

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