Color Shotgun PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator

Color Shotgun PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator

Color Shotgun is a color tool for printers to quickly create targeted color charts for matching colors on printers. Perfect for matching customer supplied samples or spot colors on different media even when you don't have the correct color profiles.

Using the color shotgun you select a target color such as a Pantone, RGB or CMYK color as a starting point, then the Color Shotgun PowerScript will generate a number of swatches near that color. Print out the targeted color chart and choose the best match. You start course then repeat the process using finer settings to zero in on the color using an iterative approach.

  • Select a Target in CMYK, RGB or Lab.
  • Use Illustrators built in colorbooks including Pantone color libraries as a starting point
  • Interactive onscreen preview
  • Two different chart modes, one for grey colors and one for standard colors sorted by hue, with an intelligent Auto mode to switch between the best chart type
  • Set the number of steps from 3 samples which creates 27 swatches up to an 11 step chart which generates 1331 swatches
  • RGB or CMYK output
  • Syncs with Illustrators internal color profile settings
  • Preset sample range from Fine to Course
  • Advanced mode where you can set the specific color range and even set the deltaE step value for each Lab or Lch value.
  • Gamut number shows how far off from the target the swatch is
  • Printer gamut warning - indicates which colors are not printable
  • Output information - see the input and output values of each swatch including the deltaE
  • Customize the layout, including sizes, spacing, label and more
  • Specify the DeltaE method
  • Automatically export to PDF using PDF presets
  • New: Color Control Wedge, to check printer condition

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