Nesting and Material Calculator PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator

Nesting and Material Calculator PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator

Nesting and Material Calculator PowerScript is a simple yet powerful rectangle packing tool to help you nest your artwork to use your stock efficiently or to calculate material usage for costing and planning purposes.

It works by laying out rectangles in the most efficient packing order, using either the best fit or easy cutting algorithm.

Typical Uses

  • Layout artwork for printing or vinyl cutting and minimize waste / optimize media usage
  • Calculate media usage for costing and estimating quotes
  • Allow rotations on a print by print basis

Quick Nest feature for quickly nesting your artwork on the artboard:

  • Set the nesting method
  • Allow rotations
  • Set the gutter size
  • Enlarge or reduce the artboard size
  • Add borders to your prints
  • "One Button" Nesting

Advanced Nesting feature gives you more options and control:

  • Choose from 5 types of sheets layouts
    • Single sheet: Fit the prints to a single sheet
    • Multiple sheets: If the prints will be fit on a single sheet, this will add extra sheets
    • Horizontal roll: Expands the sheet size to the left
    • Vertical roll: Expands the sheet size in height 
    • Sheet List: Either use the document artboard sizes or manually enter in a list of available sheet sizes to be used
  • Set the gutter size
  • Enforce grain direction as long or short grain for fluted boards and wood
  • Allow rotations on a print by print basis
  • Use the selected items as the print size or manually enter in the sizes of the items such as when costing
  • When using selected artwork increase the quantity to duplicate
  • Calculate multiple solutions and determines the best solution for you, you can also manually view and select the best solution
  • Choose pre-sorting and nesting algorithm options
  • Choose a scoring method to determine the best fit to maximize leftover waste
  • Preview the computed solutions
  • Turn calculated solutions into template documents with sizes, can be printed out as a specification for cutting
  • Layout selected artwork and add borders to your prints
  • Choose units
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