Guides PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator

Guides PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator

A powerful PowerScript to create Guides automatically using a flexible text based layout template system


  • Create guides on the current artboard or all artboards
  • Create Horizontal or Vertical guides
  • Align guides to the left, right, top, bottom to center
  • Use a fixed page width or use the artboard width
  • Scale guide layout to the artboard size 
  • Resize the artboard to add or reduce a fixed bleed amount
  • Create standard guides or custom colored guides with opacity using lines on a locked layer
  • Place all guides on a dedicated layer and lock the layer
  • Group the guides

Template System

  • Fixed Widths or Percentages
  • Set where the guides will appear
  • auto column/row widths
  • Multipliers
  • Auto Multipliers which will add in as many layouts as will fit
  • Use mixed dimensions, mm, points, inches and more


Type in the column widths you want
10mm | 95mm | 10mm | 95mm | 10mm
Add | to ends to add guides on the edge of the page
| 10mm | 95mm | 10mm | 95mm | 10mm |
Use auto to calculate the column width, this will create 3 columns, with 0.5cm gutters
0.5cm | auto | 0.5cm | auto | 0.5cm | auto | 0.5cm
Use multiplying groups to repeat columns, below anything between the brackets is duplicated 3 times
0.5cm | 3x(| auto | 0.5cm )
Mix and match units - create 5 x 2 two inch wide columns with 0.1 inch gutters
| 0.1" | 5x(2inch | 0.1 in |)
Create fixed columns for Grids (turn on scale to width)
Use autox as an auto multiplier to automatically calculate the number of items that can fit
25mm | autox(|10mm|) | 25mm
4 columns page, with 0.5cm gutters and 10mm gutters on outside edges
10mm | 3x(auto | 0.5cm |) | auto | 10mm
Use percents, divide the Artboard into 5 columns 20% wide
Combine percentages with auto, 50% wide center column, then two 20% wide side columns
auto | 50% | auto | 20% | auto | 20% | auto
When creating lines (not guides) you can apply color
Insert the color between two bars |color| as RGB:0,0,0 or CMYK:0,0,0,0
10mm |rgb:255,0,0| auto |cmyk:100,0,100,0| 10mm |cmyk:100,0,100,0| auto |rgb:255,0,0| 10mm
Use |none| to skip creating a guide
| 25% |none| 25% | 25% | 25% |
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