Hue Color Chart Creator PowerScript

Create hue based charts to quickly find the correct printed color.

Hue Color Chart Creator PowerScript

If you have a large format printer, having a good color chart is extremely useful to find color matches to physical samples. However finding a good color chart is hard, Standard charts such as Pantone don’t have enough colors, and standard CMYK color charts are not logical.

Hue based colors charts are superior to standard RGB or CMYK color charts:

  • Hue based charts are easier to find a color, as it’s how your brain thinks about color, lighter-darker, more or less saturated.
  • The lightness and saturation are nonlinear and are in finer steps in lighter and grey colors where the difference between colors are more noticeable.
  • More of the color range is covered, on default settings, there is usually only a 5 DeltaE or less difference between colors, If your printer can print the color .
  • RGB charts are perfect for Hi-Fi CMYK+ printing where you can specify a larger gamut.
  • It’s easy manually average the formula from two adjacent colors for even closer match.
  • LCH charts translate easily to Lab colors.

  • Complete control over layout.
  • Out of Gamut colors can be excluded or marked as out of gamut.
  • Choose the number of hue steps.
  • Create compact charts which you can lookup colors on reference charts.
  • CMYK or RGB Charts.
  • Colors are calculated based on your current Illustrator color profile.
  • (NEW) Create UNIQUIE NAMED colors and save these as Spot colors such as "H210-R-02" as RGB,CMYK or Lab spots
  • (NEW) Color names can be numerical or custom codes, with a custom prefix and divider

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