Step and Repeat PowerScript

Quickly and easily step & repeat multiple copies of your artwork on a page with cropmarks ready for printing.

Step and Repeat PowerScript

See our NEW Advanced Imposition PowerScript called Imposition-PLUS here

Quickly and easily step & repeat artwork to impose multiple copies of your artwork on a page with crop marks ready for printing.

  • Two options for layout either manually set the number of rows and columns for your layout or automatically fit as many as possible to the current artboard.
  • Add crop marks for easy cutting, including specifying bleeds.
  • Specify horizontal and vertical gutters.
  • Apply a rotation to each copy.
  • Save preset layouts for common impositions such as Business Cards or Flyers.
  • NEW Cutting Paths
    • Create cut paths as named spot colors on a separate top Layer
    • Add cut path to the selected shape to be duplicated as a circle, rectangle or rectangle with rounded corners
    • Add gutter cut paths aligned to the crop marks or center of the gutter (like traditional loose-lock kiss cutting) 
    • Add an outer frame cut path
  • NEW Add a label including the document path and filename

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