Transform+ (Mathematical Transforms) PowerScript

Transform+ (Mathematical Transforms) PowerScript

This extremely powerful script lets you apply transforms to individual shapes in your selection.

Transforms can be as simple or complex as you need, from simply just rotating a few shapes to creating complicated layouts.

You can use mathematical functions based on attributes from the selection such as width, height, fill and stroke color, selection size, index and copy count to name a few. You can even create user defined variables turning this transform tool into its own mini script.

The possibilities are almost limitless.

  • Use Mathematical Functions to calculate new values.
  • Use any attribute to effect other values, such as using a color value to define a position, set the width to be the same as the height.
  • User defined variables allow for single point of change.
  • Use random numbers to apply variations.
  • Apply a transformation to copies.
  • Sort the selection by the attributes of the shape.
  • Scale and Resize shapes, including proportional scaling.
  • Apply Stroke and Fill colors, or just modify a portion of the colors.
  • Transpose numbers, such as swapping the height and width, or swapping colors.
  • Save your transformations to quick reuse.

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