Hem & Grommet/Eyelet PowerScript

Hem & Grommet/Eyelet PowerScript

If you print Canvas prints, PVC Banners or Flags, being able to extend the print area to create hems and add grommet marks is a common but repetitive task. This PowerScript allows you to quickly add bleed and grommet marks to any file.

  • Save common sizes as templates for quick reuse.
  • For flags, create double mirror hems (zig-zag hems) for sewing edges.
  • For PVC banners, add hems and grommet marks.
  • Set the scale so it's easy to apply hem at 10% or 200% scale.
  • Create mirror edges for canvas prints.
  • 4 types of bleeds, solid color, mirrored hems, double mirror hems  (zig-zag for flags), solid color and bleed.
  • Four different kinds of grommet marks.
  • Set the size, color and line width of the grommet marks.
  • 3 types of grommet placement, exact spacing, approx spacing and number of grommets per side.
  • Set the offset for the grommets, including inset on the print.
  • Annotate the finished layout.
  • (NEW) Automatically select the active artwork by default
  • (NEW) Resize artboard to fit the final shape.
  • (NEW) Rasterize the hems
  • (NEW) Additional Hem types including Solid Color hems
  • (NEW) Lock the Hem and Grommet controls, so all the specifications change at the same time
  • (NEW) Add cutting lines around the final artwork (ideal for white banners) and choose their color, width and style
  • (NEW) Add centre fold lines and choose their color, width, style and opacity
  • (NEW) Add corner fold lines and choose their color, width, style and opacity
  • (NEW) Add Cut line for CNC cutters as a spot color like CutContour
  • (NEW) Add extra bleed to the overall size to ensure hand cuts and CNS cuts are clean with no white showing
  • (NEW) Added white background to hems to ensure transparent artwork work correctly
  • (NEW) Apply marks and grommets to an empty artboard - perfect for creating templates for clients.
  • (NEW) Include specifications such as the hem size as text below the print, for post production to reference, 

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