PDF Export PowerScript

Quickly export a PDF and intelligently name the exported file.

PDF Export PowerScript

In a production environment, you want to quickly export PDF files of single artboards or entire documents without having your document renamed. This script lets you export to PDF using presets, and intelligently name the exported file using the original linked file name, the document color mode, the artboard name and the PDF preset name used.

Also secure the PDF with just a click, so ensure proofs and concept designs sent can not be reused or modified.

  • Export artboards as separate files
  • Secure the PDF with just a click using a common password
  • Add printers confidence strips for large format printers
  • Export just the currently selected artboard, a range of pages or the entire document
  • Automatically name the PDF, including adding:
    • Custom text
    • Timestamp, weekday name, day, month, year
    • The Linked filename of a placed document
    • Artboard size or name
    • Artboard number
    • Total number of Artboards
    • Exported page count
    • Document color mode (Helps to capture export errors downstream)
    • Document filename
    • Add in custom values which will ask for user input, such as a revision number
  • Set a destination to save
    • Last Exported to Folder
    • Documents Folder
    • Fixed Location
    • Current document working folder
    • Sub folder - creating it if it does not exist
  • Prompt for filenames or save each file without asking
  • Open the destination folder after exporting
  • Set different defaults to use for quick reuse
  • Run the spellchecker before exporting

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