Color Replacer PowerScript

List the colors in your document and choose a suitable replacement color.

Color Replacer PowerScript

Replacing colors from supplied art can be a challenge, traditionally you need to select and replace fills and strokes separately, and it's easy to miss something. Illustrator's Recolor Artwork tool can be a bit clunky when you only want to change a few colors or you know exactly what colors you want to be changed. With this powerScript you can quickly list the colors in your document and choose a suitable replacement color.

  • Quickly replace specific the colors in a document.
  • Ensure that there are no unexpected colors.
  • Convert blacks to standard Blacks or Rich Blacks.
  • Easily replace colors including hard to find colors.
  • Remove unused colors from the swatch pallet.
  • Preserve tints.

New to version 2.0

  • Create a library of common colors
  • Save your color replacements for quick reuse
  • Once you create your replacement list, Apply your replacements multiple times or to multiple documents
  • Edit the colors
  • Convert the colors to and from Spot/Global and process
  • Find the closest matching spot color , for example the closest Pantone Coated color
  • Add additional colors to your list of replacements

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